How To Get Internship In India – Complete Internship Search Guide



Here is quick video summary and other important information that you need to keep in mind,

1. Make yourself aware of available opportunities, resources, and virtual internships. Utilize your digital power following the right people on Linkedin, Instagram, and other social networks.

2. Make sure to prepare a simple-clean resume. Strongly recommended to spend some time selecting the template.
Here are a few resources that should help you,

Try following folks from premium colleges and check their resume, this trick works well every time.

3. Prepare your resume according to the job you are applying, you may need to tweak it a bit according to the company you are applying.

4. Limit your resume to a maximum of 2 pages and recheck it multiple times. Also, while recheck you might find grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and sometimes even alignment mistakes. Make sure to save your resume in PDF format for easy access by everyone.

5. Few useful websites to apply,

  • Linkedin Jobs – If used correctly, it can be proved as the best platform for your resources.
  • Internshala – Most common among college student, have bundles of opportunity if used correctly.
  • Angel co – Best platform to get into well-funded startups if you have correct skills.
  • SimplyHired – Works well to apply on the company’s website directly.
  • LetsIntern – Alternate to Internshala, work in a similar structure.

6. Make sure to stay updated with local career fairs, Internship fairs, and Hackathons.
Usually, your Linkedin connection helps you with this type of information. Make sure you get connected with the right groups and members.

7. Referral System – One shortcut that can help you to get into your dream company and even to really good startups. It helps you to skip several initial steps that normal students go through while applying for a role in a company and helps you to land directly in interview race. You college seniors, Linkedin connections from different companies can help you and even give you a referral for different roles.

8. Make sure to Google search all possible common questions related to your field and also related to the company you have the interview with. Most companies follow an interview pattern and have some selected topics and selected set of questions for several stages, Google helps you at this stage a lot!

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